Brielle & Alisandra Trujillo (Founders of Mini Mitzvahs)

Have been involved in helping the community from before they both entered kindergarten. Community Service has always been a huge part of these sisters young lives. Both girls have already traveled around 4 continents visiting

23 countries, witnessing poverty and hunger globally. They received their first award for their dedication to helping their community, when Brielle was only 6yrs. old and her sister Alisandra was only 5. At the age  of 7, Brielle and Ali almost 6, helped organize a charity event that would outfit the children's ward at Palm Beach Children's Hospital. New Xbox's were placed in each room, for sick children to play with while confined to their hospital beds. They have raised thousands of dollars with their charitable work for the hospital over the span of their young lives.

It all started when Brielle was 4yrs. old and her sister was 2. Alisandra needed feeding therapy for a short while, and Brielle would accompany her mother on weekly visits to the hospital. When Brielle witnessed her little sister having to sit in a very dirty, broken high chair, she quickly had an idea to hold a party where snow would be delivered to the house and if you wanted to share in the delight of playing, you had to bring a gift for the children's ward at the hospital. She helped decorate flyers and invited her whole Preschool and Temple. The event was such a huge success, Brielle and her sister went on to hold the event another 4 more years!

Their commitment to the community did not stop there, for the past three years on a monthly basis, they have helped prepare dinner at Quantum House for parents and siblings of children admitted into the hospital. they have completed projects in nursing homes, visits with the elders, serving food to the homeless, care packages for our soldiers, and the list goes on..

At the age of 8 & 6, Brielle & Ali decided they wanted to do more, and get other children involved in helping to make this world a better place. They wanted to show other children how fun and rewarding it is when making a difference even small in someone else's life. Thus, MINI MITZVAH"S was created!

Brielle 7,  Ali 5 at their charity event

Brielle 6, Ali 4 at their charity event

Brielle 5, Ali 3 at their charity event