By following the links below you will find the membership forms for becoming a member of JCSAP Mini Mitzvahs (1st – 5th grades). We hope you will consider joining us! Benefits include leadership training, making life –long friends, and a FREE Mini Mitzvah T – shirt!

After reading the Jewish Children's Social Action Project's (JCSAP) Code of Conduct, please sign on the appropriate line of the membership form. Please keep the Code of Conduct for your records.

Please also complete the JCSAP Health and Safety Form for each child. This form is essential. All Mini Mitzvah members will need this form on file in order to participate in events.

Dues are critical to the funding of our programming for the year and are due prior to attending the first regional event of the year. We want all Mini Mitzvah youth to be able to participate and for youth group to be a welcoming place.

You can easily become a member by filling out the paperwork

Membership Forms


Membership Form

Code of Conduct